Getting Closer

Fire on the Helderberg above Somerset West

If you compare this photo to the one in my previous post, that was taken last night, you can see that the fires are closer. They must be getting quite close to the suburbs high up the mountainside.

4 responses to “Getting Closer

  1. Was this photo taken right now? Those flames are massive!

  2. Wow – it’s scary stuff hey Steve. Did you see the Australian news reports? Killer fires in the south-east, massive floods in the north. It’s just a little like SA – fires in the Cape and hectic rain in Joburg.

    Love the tiny-smiley in the top right of the page. 🙂

    • Yeah, saw the reports of the Australian fires but hadn’t heard about the floods. We seem to get off rather lightly with fire damage and loss of life compared to places like Australia and California. I suppose it’s because we have mostly fynbos and grasslands while they have natural forests.

      You know I’ve noticed that smiley but never checked to see if it’s just something that puts there or the result of something in my widgets.

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