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Leaves and Gable

Looking up through dead oak leaves and branches at a gabled Cape Dutch style house.

It has been two weeks since I took part in the second annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. I walked in Stellenbosch where our route took in Stellenbosch’s historic Dorp Street, with perhaps more national monuments in close proximity than anywhere else in South Africa. Our walk leader asked that we try and capture the essence of Stellenbosch and after processing all my images I think that this one is the single one of my photos that really does that, incorporating the oak trees that fill the town, and the historic Cape Dutch architecture. It is also the first of two that I submitted for consideration in the competition associated with the walk.

Blackened by the Sun

Blackened by the Sun

We have had a lot of smoke in the air from bush fires for the past few weeks. I took this the other evening when the smoke was lending an orange hue to the setting sun.