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Street Sunset

There was quite an impressive sunset last night. I couldn’t be anywhere that I could take any really nice shots so this one taken from my car by cell phone will have to do.

Sunset with traffic

Blackened by the Sun

Blackened by the Sun

We have had a lot of smoke in the air from bush fires for the past few weeks. I took this the other evening when the smoke was lending an orange hue to the setting sun.

Jesse Jordan Band — Sunset Concert this Sunday

The Jesse Jordan Band will be playing a sunset concert in the Helderberg Nature Reserve on Sunday 1 February 2009. We’ll be there.

Otherworldly Sunset

Setting sun over silhouetted rocks

Sunset Over a Calm Sea

Sunset Over a Calm Sea

This was taken around the same time as Post-apocalyptic Sunset but this image is more true to what the eye saw. Two shots, exposed for foreground and background were merged with a layer mask in Elements, simulating the use of an ND gradient filter. Processing was then finished off in Lightroom.

Post-apocalyptic Sunset

Post-apocalyptic Sunset

To the eye, this was a gentle, pastel-coloured sunset but I wanted to come up with something more punchy.

This was shot auto-bracketed (+/- 2EV). The frames were enfused to a single image with improved dynamic range and this image was then processed in Lightroom.

Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

The sunset last night was rather dramatic. Shot from my back yard.

Backyard Sunset


This is the sunset I saw from my backyard two evenings ago.

Strand Sunset

A sunset viewed over two Strand beach landmarks, the fence and pipeline.