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Cleaning Has Commenced

With only a week of leave left I thought I should get stuck in to cleaning up my study so that it is spic and span by the time I go back to work.  I made a start today but didn’t progress too far before I was interrupted by the need to give my son a lift to work and go and get some groceries.  But I will continue, inspired by André’s nice tidy workspace.

I have my eye on a table and office chair, both used but in good shape, at a used office furniture place up the road and went there on Christmas Eve to buy them only to find they had already closed until 5 January.  The curse of the procrastinator; I suppose I’ll just have to go back then.

I have a nice big old office desk but it only just has the width for my computer (“No lady, that big box is not the hard drive”), 22" wide-screen monitor, scanner and printer, leaving me to balance my graphics tablet on top of the scanner when neither are in use.  I would like to have my equipment spread out a bit more so I want to use the table to create an extension of my desktop so I can move the printer a bit further away.  The chair I want has slightly soiled upholstery but seems mechanically sound and at just R250 is a bargain.  The one I’m sitting on right now is ten years old and the seat foam has collapsed leaving me to sit on a pillow.  The upholstery was also shredded by an exuberant cat we used to have.  I plan to buy a piece of foam and some fabric off-cuts and reupholster it for my wife as she has a dining room chair at her desk right now.

Shadow of its Former Self

Shadow of its Former Self