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I’ve joined the mobile computing world

vaio Despite my statement that I would think twice before shopping at Dion Wired again, yesterday saw me there again making a fairly large purchase. As you’ve probably guessed from the title and image, I’ve finally succumbed and bought myself a laptop. I got a fairly well specified, fast but not super fast Sony Vaio VGN-NW23GE in black, as pictured.

I don’t intend using this as a development machine and will be using it for downloading and processing photographs when I’m away from my desktop machine and for giving me the ability to access the internet when away from home or the office. It will also be great to have access to Google and IMDB while watching movies and TV shows to answer those weird questions that always come to mind. It will also allow me to attend photography workshops; something the lack of a laptop precluded before.

Unlike my previous experience I received great service from Keanon (hope I’m spelling it right) at the Somerset Mall branch, who gave me good advice that allowed me to save R2,000 by buying a slightly lower specified machine than the one I first considered. He also threw in a R300 laptop bag as a freebie.

One curious thing though is what happened when I asked if they could upgrade the machine by adding an additional 2GB of RAM to double the memory. I was originally told this would be no problem. However, after checking with someone, presumably the techies that do upgrades and repairs, Keanon said they couldn’t do it. Seemingly they can for any laptop other than Sony ones, where doing so would void the warranty. Considering that memory upgrades are a common practice and that the hardware user manual contains a section explaining how to add and remove memory, I fail to see how their doing so would invalidate the warranty. Anyway, Keanon gave me the name and number of someone at distributors Rectron, that I can contact to arrange the RAM upgrade. I have e-mailed Sony, via the contact page on their site and am awaiting feedback from them on whether there is any truth to the warranty voiding story or not.

Cleaning Has Commenced

With only a week of leave left I thought I should get stuck in to cleaning up my study so that it is spic and span by the time I go back to work.  I made a start today but didn’t progress too far before I was interrupted by the need to give my son a lift to work and go and get some groceries.  But I will continue, inspired by André’s nice tidy workspace.

I have my eye on a table and office chair, both used but in good shape, at a used office furniture place up the road and went there on Christmas Eve to buy them only to find they had already closed until 5 January.  The curse of the procrastinator; I suppose I’ll just have to go back then.

I have a nice big old office desk but it only just has the width for my computer (“No lady, that big box is not the hard drive”), 22" wide-screen monitor, scanner and printer, leaving me to balance my graphics tablet on top of the scanner when neither are in use.  I would like to have my equipment spread out a bit more so I want to use the table to create an extension of my desktop so I can move the printer a bit further away.  The chair I want has slightly soiled upholstery but seems mechanically sound and at just R250 is a bargain.  The one I’m sitting on right now is ten years old and the seat foam has collapsed leaving me to sit on a pillow.  The upholstery was also shredded by an exuberant cat we used to have.  I plan to buy a piece of foam and some fabric off-cuts and reupholster it for my wife as she has a dining room chair at her desk right now.

Photo Drive

I took a crashed hard drive home from work on Friday, intending to strip it and use the platters for a project I am planning. While I was stripping it I decided to make a photo opportunity of it.

Crashed and Burned

Electric Blue  Plasma Drive

New Computer

I got a new computer at work yesterday.  It is a 3GHz Pentium 4 with 1 GB of RAM and a 160GB SATA hard drive so it is pretty fast.  The coolest thing about it though is the tiny case.  I had a midi tower case before and have so much more space on my desk now.  I just need to do something about the wiring mess behind the monitor.