Summer’s Here

Well, it looks as though summer has arrived.  It was a fairly hot day today and I went for a ride on my bike this morning (let’s pretend that I’m writing this before midnight).  There was only a light breeze so cycling wasn’t the unpleasant chore it can be when the wind is really blowing, as it so often does here.

The really cool thing about summers here is the long evenings when it’s time to walk on the beach.  Went walking there this evening and there were quite a few people out.  I was really pleased with the performance of my camera.  The old one did not cope well with low light, having only 100 ISO, but as the new one has a minimum ISO of 200 and can do 400, or 800 at lower resolution, I am able to shoot more on these walks.  I love taking photos of people just to see the interesting outfits and expressions that can be captured.  Here is one from this evening’s walk.


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