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Voorstrandt Restaurant

Voorstrandt Restaurant, Paternoster

The Voorstrandt Restaurant in Paternoster on the South African Cape west coast is the perfect place to enjoy lunch, dinner or a drink while looking out over the beach and sea. Be warned though that they are very busy so if you’re going to be in the area and want to eat there, it’s best to call and make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Sand Star

An abstract design made by mirroring a photograph of seaweed on a beach

Muizenberg Beach

Ripples & Sky

Ripples on a beach with a reflected sky


Foam on a beach

Pebble Pattern

A pebble on beach sand

Slow Start to the Holidays

I suppose it’s due to the economy that there has been a slow start to the holiday season this year.  Normally by this time our little town would be buzzing but as yet I’ve seen only a handful of cars with out-of-province plates.

This is what Strand beach looked like around 09:30 on Wednesday morning.

Crane_20081210__MG_6636  Where are all the holiday makers?

As seen below, Saturday was busier but still not as busy as I would expect at this time of year.  December 16th is traditionally the date that most people start their vacations so I expect it will get busier during this week.

Strand Beach, Saturday Afternoon