Monthly Archives: November 2004

I Love My New Car

I am really liking my new car. It has a huge amount of space, is much more comfortable than my old one, has a higher spec and more safety features, has great handling and is very nice to drive. It is going to get us out on the road every weekend, which will be great for my photography. Here are some photos of it. The colour is called Glacier Green.




Weird Drinks

At least Cockolada is intended as a novelty drink for adults. I don’t know what the creators of Boo Bee Juice were thinking. And no, it isn’t from a far eastern country where the double entendrĂ© would not be obvious, it’s from Britain.

New Car

I am buying a new car, a Fiat Multipla MPV, to replace my five year old Nissan Sentra.  It will be great in two ways.  Firstly it will be easier for Mela to have the higher vehicle so it won’t be such a battle for her to get in and out.  Secondly it will be great for my boys to have enough leg room in the back, especially Christopher, who is taller than I am.  I should take delivery tomorrow and will post a brief review once I have had it for a few days.


I was up at 6:30 this morning, early for a Saturday, prompted by cramps in my calves. I’ve been getting cramps in my legs on most nights for the last 10 days or so. Thinking that it was a lack of magnesium, I have been taking Slow-Mag for the last week. I hadn’t had cramps for a few days now so I thought it was working, but now I’m not so sure. Mela thinks I should see the doctor as there might be some other underlying cause. It’s a real pain in the buttlegs.

Harry Potter is Evil?

This past Sunday the Sunday Times reported as follows;

A BLOEMFONTEIN matric pupil refused to answer an English exam question on Harry Potter because he believes the fictional wizard boy promotes witchcraft. Full Story Here

I can’t understand how people can believe Harry Potter is promoting witchcraft, yet are quite happy to accept many other children’s fantasy tales. It’s all just fantasy. Surely the issue is more about parents educating their children in what is real and what is fantasy and should be read without being taken literally.


Just received the following by e-mail from Friends of Live.

LIVE fans…it’s coming! The new CD/DVD combo package, “Awake, The Best of LIVE” hits stores worldwide on November 2nd, less than 2 weeks away!!

The album is a CD/DVD combination. The CD contains 19 of LIVE’s most memorable songs, including a cover of the Johnny Cash tune, “I Walk The Line” and the previously unreleased “We Deal in Dreams.” The DVD contains 22 videos, plus an album by album commentary by Ed Kowalczyk!