Daily Archives: 31 October 2006

Computicket is spamming me

Since last night I have received multiple copies of an e-mail from Computicket to each of my e-mail accounts, suggesting that I should be wildly excited that the stage production of The Lion King is coming to South Africa, and that I should rush to book my tickets.  There are several annoying things about this.

  • I have no interest in this show.
  • It is being presented in a theatre roughly 1,800km from where I am.
  • I have never asked Computicket to include me in any mailing lists.
  • I am receiving the message through several e-mail accounts that I have never given to Computicket.
  • The e-mails display no indication of how I can unsubscribe from further notifications, something I understood to be a requirement under South African law.

If this show is as popular internationally as they suggest I see no need for this spam campaign.  I’m sure they could fill all the seats by sticking to conventional advertising methods.