*NOT* Proudly South African

Those who proudly display the old South African flag call themselves patriots, considering those of us that are proud of our country and it’s flag to be sell-outs and suck-ups to the current government. In my opinion the old flag does not represent our country but the previous regime that oppressed the majority of the population and forced our country into the state it’s in today. Displaying it simply shows you have no consideration for your fellow South Africans and no desire to help move this country forward.

As Damien says, “Move on Already!”

100% asshole

Photo by coda

3 responses to “*NOT* Proudly South African

  1. Not to disagree, but just to bring some other considerations to the table. My experience means I saw (ie was there) friends and brothers-in-arms shed blood and die under that flag. Right or wrong, they paid completely, so that others could be safe. And whether one agrees or not, that really was the case. Then. It’s not the case now, I agree, and I would not fly an old flag. But I wouldn’t just piss on it out of hand either. This is not a simple issue.

  2. I have the same experience, and yes, to us the old flag represents more than simply the previous regime. We should hold on to the pride we have in the good things the flag represents to us; but to fly or display it today is insensitive. The majority of South Africans see only the bad things that the flag represents and while we may wish to display it for other reasons, we must consider how this will be interpreted by others.

  3. Move onto what AUTOCRATIC rule? That’s what the new SA has, its moved onto Marxism! You cowards have forgotten what built South Africa, and now turn a blind eye to what is destroying South Africa. SA has been the strongest civilization in all of African history. There has never been a rule as great as SA in all African history. Only the Christians could master what has come from our economics and government – but now it is rapidly being eroded. And you want to be patriotic toward such foolishness. Now it is being brought to naught! AND YOU PRAISE A DIEING NATION. HA! What will it do for you – in the long run nothing because it can’t! It is clear that the new government is slowly letting the whites and all those opposing autocratic rule be ethnic cleansed!

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