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Sunshine Trading

Sign and light above door of Sunshine Trading in Kleinmond

Tanker By Night

Tanker By Night

A gas tanker that was sitting just off Green Point. While I was photographing it some local residents stopped to chat and told me it had been there for two weeks, but it seemed to be getting underway so may have been preparing to leave Cape Town.

Kalk Bay Harbour Light

Kalk Bay Harbour Light



Kalk Bay harbour light in late afternoon

Kalk Bay Harbour light in late afternoon

Misty Morning Fogbow

Misty Morning Rainbow

I was out before sunrise but it was a misty morning and the sunrise was not visible so I spent some time taking close-up shots of rocks in the mist. As I walked back up the beach the mist started to clear and this rainbow, or fogbow; as white rainbows are known, appeared. I was fortunate that my 10mm lens was wide enough to capture both ends.

This is the rainbow/fogbow mentioned in my previous post.

Photo Drive

I took a crashed hard drive home from work on Friday, intending to strip it and use the platters for a project I am planning. While I was stripping it I decided to make a photo opportunity of it.

Crashed and Burned

Electric Blue  Plasma Drive