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At Work

At Work

For some years the small harbour in Gordons Bay has been getting silted up, to the point where only the smallest of craft could enter or leave at anything besides high tide. The subject of who should pay for the repairs was long debated between the various parties involved and they clearly came to an agreement as the harbour wall has been closed since the beginning of winter for repairs. I understand that they are closing up holes in the wall that allow sand to be pushed through by wave action. To allow this the wall needs to be protected by additional dolosse, one of which is being put in place here.

POTD 2006-08-17

Cable Beach sunset
Cable Beach sunset originally uploaded by marj k.

Windows Live Writer

I installed Windows Live Writer today and am using it to make this post, as I did the previous one.  It seems quite nice so far, certainly better than writing in the browser.  I’m not a prolific blogger and don’t really have an understanding of trackbacks so I hope that I’m using that feature correctly.

One problem I have with it is is its overall blueness.  I really don’t like this trend that Microsoft has for releasing software that is all shades of blue, and clearly designed to fit in perfectly with the default Windows XP theme.  I don’t use that default theme so these applications just look strange on my system.  Thank goodness that blue does not clash with my black theme.  I can only sympathise with anyone using the olive green theme.

Photo Of The Day

My buddy Paul started a POTD category on his blog yesterday and I was honoured that he chose my photo Twister as his first selection. But it was when I saw his second entry Lindisfarne Castle by The Norwegian that it occurred to me that a POTD was a good way for me to increase the number of posts I make on my own blog, where I sometimes go for weeks without remembering to post something.

I will make an effort to post at least one of my own photos each day as well as a POTD that I select from my travels around Flickr. I will also try and write the odd thing but those of you that have been following along will know by know that writing is not a strong point of mine.