Photo Of The Day

My buddy Paul started a POTD category on his blog yesterday and I was honoured that he chose my photo Twister as his first selection. But it was when I saw his second entry Lindisfarne Castle by The Norwegian that it occurred to me that a POTD was a good way for me to increase the number of posts I make on my own blog, where I sometimes go for weeks without remembering to post something.

I will make an effort to post at least one of my own photos each day as well as a POTD that I select from my travels around Flickr. I will also try and write the odd thing but those of you that have been following along will know by know that writing is not a strong point of mine.

2 responses to “Photo Of The Day

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  2. It is a nice thing to do each day. And Twister was a good one to start with.

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