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Canon EOS 400D

Canon EOS 400D It seems that someone in China slipped up long enough to let the guys at Engadget get a look at a page on the soon to be announced (tomorrow?) EOS 400D DSLR, successor to the 350D/Digital Rebel XT/Kiss N. As the page was in Chinese, the interpretation of the specifications is sketchy but it seems to have still have an APS-C (1.6× crop factor) sensor but that resolution is upped to 10.1 megapixels. Besides the resolution increase the big new feature appears to be ultrasonic dust removal, which will make it worth getting. It isn’t mentioned but I would also like to see it introduce spot metering as was done with the 30D.

So the question now is, do I start looking for falling 350D prices and pick up a bargain as an upgrade for my 300D, or do I wait a few months and jump straight to the 400D?

POTD 2006-08-23

our Irish cows (considering the picturesque)
our Irish cows (considering the picturesque) originally uploaded by purefinder.

Spinner Reflections

Spinner Reflections

POTD 2006-08-22

morning glow
morning glow originally uploaded by nj dodge.