Canon EOS 400D

Canon EOS 400D It seems that someone in China slipped up long enough to let the guys at Engadget get a look at a page on the soon to be announced (tomorrow?) EOS 400D DSLR, successor to the 350D/Digital Rebel XT/Kiss N. As the page was in Chinese, the interpretation of the specifications is sketchy but it seems to have still have an APS-C (1.6× crop factor) sensor but that resolution is upped to 10.1 megapixels. Besides the resolution increase the big new feature appears to be ultrasonic dust removal, which will make it worth getting. It isn’t mentioned but I would also like to see it introduce spot metering as was done with the 30D.

So the question now is, do I start looking for falling 350D prices and pick up a bargain as an upgrade for my 300D, or do I wait a few months and jump straight to the 400D?

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  1. Sounds familiar. When I finally decided to progress from my EOS 30 to digital it was just before the 30D came out. I weighed up the pros and cons of getting the 20D vs 30D. I went for the 20D in the end and do I love it!!!

    I suppose it depends on how much more a 400D would be, but I guess it would be quite a bit more.

    Tough choice :o) Guess you have to decide whether the upgrade is worth it and what you want from a new camera.

    Good luck!


  2. I had the same thing as I looked to upgrade from my EOS 30 to digital. I had set my heart on getting the 20D and then the 30D was announced. I went for the 20D in the end, the extra cost was not worth the extras I did not think. And do I love the 20D!!

    Just weight up the pros and cons and think about what you want from a camera.

    Tough choice, but good luck!

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  4. Hi Steve.

    Funny how I found your article. I was browsing for pros and cons on the 400d. I have eventually gotten the money to get a dSLR. Was going to get a 20d, but then the people ran out of stock so I’m screwed in that sense. So now the question is 400d or 350d. 😐

    The dust removal is a nice thing to have, but I’m thinking … Is it worth the extra money, and sure it’s got 9 point AF instead of the 7 poing AF of the 350d, but I’ll mostly use manual focus.

    So I’m lost as well. My dad said to go with the 400d just because it’s newer. Oh well, I’ll see what happens and let you know within the next two or 3 days how the 400d is if I get it. I can even meet up with you sometime over the weekend if you want to have a look yourself.

  5. Check out the review at, particularly the image comparing the 350D and 400D bodies. The changes are more substantial than one is initially led to believe. Orms are listing the 400D for R600 more than the 350D. If it was me I would get the 400D if I could afford the difference, but you need to read as many good reviews and comparisons as you can to get a feel for which will suit you better.

  6. Hey Steve.

    Good to hear from you. Well I have decided to go with the 400D. Getting it later today. I am buying it from ORMS and the price difference isn’t a problem. I read the review yesterday. I guess I would have prefered a 20D, but oh well. Any dSLR is better than none. 😀

  7. Cool, are you just going to go with the 18-55mm kit lens to start?

  8. Well yes. I got it from ORMS, but they didn’t have the 400D with the standard 18-55mm kit. So the guy took a 18-55mm kit lens out of a 30D box and gave it to me. (the 400D kit lens being f4-f5.6 and the 30D kit lens being f3.5-f5.6. Both are 18-55mm).

    I’ll bring it to the next photoclub meeting.

  9. That was a bit of luck.

  10. Yes, but I’m not complaining 🙂

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