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RIP Dave Stock

Dave Stock at AFB Ysterplaat in 2005

Dave Stock died in a crash at AFB Overberg on 14 November 2009 while doing what he loved, flying the English Electric Lightning.

He will be missed, not only by family and friends, but by thousands of air show fans like myself; who were entertained by his marvellous displays over the years.

This photograph was taken at AFB Ysterplaat on 3 December 2005, shortly after Dave and the Lightning had set a new African time to altitude record. I believe this record still stands.

Smoke Rings

Zoltan Veres - Extra 300

It was only when I saw this photo I took of Zoltan Veres spinning his Extra 300 in full size on my computer screen that I realised the small bright spots thrown off from the main smoke cloud are little smoke rings.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Here are two crops from the full-sized image that show the rings more clearly.

Smoke Rings Smoke Rings

Zoltan Veres is an amazingly talented pilot; take a look at these videos I found while looking up info on him.

The Office

The Office

A Cheetah C of the South African Air Force.



The only four Lightnings still flying in the world today.

Loop the Loop

Flying Lions

Three Harvards of the Flying Lions complete a loop during their performance at the AAD2006 air show held at Ysterplaat AFB this past weekend.

Sad News

Sasol Tigers - December 2004

I’m saddened to hear of the death of another Sasol Tigers pilot, who crashed into Table Bay this afternoon, during a practice session for the AAD air show this weekend. This is particularly sad as it is less than a year since another of the team crashed during a show, resulting in the death of the pilot and passenger.



Sea Fury

Sea Fury



English Electric Lightning

The US Air Force has announced that the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will be named Lightning II, after the P-38 Lightning of WWII fame. Surely Lightning III would have been more appropriate, given that NATO already had another Lightning in the form of the English Electric Lightning.

In my opinion the F-35 may have the technological edge on anything in the skies but to British aviation fans like myself this aircraft will not have the character of the classic English Electric Lightning.

See more photographs of the last flying Lightnings here.

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