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Bokomo Country

Bokomo Country

On the road near Malmesbury. Shot with my compact while driving, hence the reflections from the windscreen.

New features in Google Reader

According to the latest post on the Official Google Reader Blog the feature I spotted yesterday is now live; new/unread message counts now go to 1000 instead of 100, so you will no longer see 100+ on your tags. If you see 1000+ on anything other than your All Items folder then you probably need to unsubscribe from some feeds or reconsider your strategy for reading feeds.

The other new feature that has been added is a search that you can use to search all your subscriptions. I know many have been asking for this and it should prove most useful.

The 100+ is back

Earlier at home I was seeing actual unread message counts in Google Reader but now I’m logged in at work and I’m seeing the familiar old 100+ for tags with more than a hundred new posts. “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, hee, hee!”



A friend lent me his set of Kenko extension tubes to try out so I stuck my 50mm f/1.8 on them and took a few shots of this pot plant on our kitchen windowsill. Some practice is needed but the result certainly seems better than I’ve achieved with close-up filters. I’ve yet to try them with my 70-300 lens to see what kinds of insane magnification I can achieve. The flower in this shot is no more than 1cm across.

Google Reader loses the 100+

Cool, I just noticed that Google Reader has had a little update and no longer displays 100+ when there are over a hundred new posts in a tag.  My All Items is currently showing 904 unread.

DS Action – Down Syndrome support in San Diego

A friend from a mailing list I belong to has a son with Down Syndrome. He and his wife have been instrumental in setting up DS Action, a group committed to improving the quality of life of those with Down Syndrome. Although they are based in San Diego, California, I’m sure they would welcome members from anywhere, but if you are in their vicinity perhaps you can offer assistance. Being a newish organisation, I’m sure they could use the help.