Smoke Rings

Zoltan Veres - Extra 300

It was only when I saw this photo I took of Zoltan Veres spinning his Extra 300 in full size on my computer screen that I realised the small bright spots thrown off from the main smoke cloud are little smoke rings.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Here are two crops from the full-sized image that show the rings more clearly.

Smoke Rings Smoke Rings

Zoltan Veres is an amazingly talented pilot; take a look at these videos I found while looking up info on him.

3 responses to “Smoke Rings

  1. smoke rings!! they are so cute and perfect, hehe *putt putt* dig the shots, well done you

  2. Great shot, Steve!

  3. Those are some insane acrobatics – really impressive, especially since done at such low altitudes – definitely a talented pilot indeed.

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