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Liesbeeck River in flood

A few photos I took of Liesbeeck River this afternoon. This first was taken while driving on Liesbeeck Parkway between Durban Road and Alma Road and the other two from the bridge on Alma Road.

Too Much Water

All of the water turning this road into a river fell in an hour while I was out. When I left home there was water backed up at the storm water drains on either side of the road, just around the corner ahead, but it had not yet met in the middle of the road. An hour later I arived home to find this.

Why does rainy weather …

… bring out the stupid in people? Heavens forbid this genius might have got a drop or two of rain on him or herself while popping in to the Spar.

A beautiful day

Strand Beach

This photo from Strand beach, taken at 8:15 this morning, shows what a beautiful day it is in the Cape today.  It’s warm but not too hot, with not a breath of wind.  Sadly there is a cold front on the way, due to arrive tomorrow, that will bring some more rain.

Dome Cloud

Dome Cloud

I spotted this cloud, probably lenticular, over the Hottentots-Holland mountains on Monday afternoon.