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Too Much Water

All of the water turning this road into a river fell in an hour while I was out. When I left home there was water backed up at the storm water drains on either side of the road, just around the corner ahead, but it had not yet met in the middle of the road. An hour later I arived home to find this.

Ripples & Sky

Ripples on a beach with a reflected sky



First Swim of the Season

I had my first swim of the season this evening. I was feeling hot and tired around 6:30pm so I checked the thermometer in the pool and decided that 24°C was a pleasant enough temperature to swim in. A bit chilly getting in but nice once I was in. I had my glasses on so just swam a few relaxed lengths. Of course they would have been more relaxing if Snowy, our Maltese poodle hadn’t been racing around the pool barking at birds.

Desperate Measures

It is said, that “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. When there is a water shortage, water prices are high and you have no garden fence or wall, it is time for desperate measures to protect your garden tap from being the target of those who would steal your water.

Covers like this one are fairly common in South Africa where home owners have their garden taps used by those passing by, who sometimes leave them dripping or even running, wasting water and costing the owner money.