Daily Archives: 9 April 2007

Wat is daardie woord?

Sometimes the human brain works in the weirdest of ways. I was watering the garden the other evening and my mind was wandering when it locked onto the topic of bras, no not those guys from Urban Trash, but brassieres. So you’re thinking “He’s a guy, what’s so weird about that?”, well the weird thing is I wasn’t visualising a nice pair of boobies in a Wonderbra but wondering what the Afrikaans word for a bra was. I’m pretty bilingual and when I sometimes have trouble thinking of a word I can usually refer to my sons’ old school English-Afrikaans dictionary, but somehow I don’t think that will help this time. I’ve tried googling but didn’t find anything of use, or interest, other than the rather interesting image accompanying this entry. No doubt somebody will be able to tell me what the Afrikaans word is but perhaps you know of an online resource that can help with English-Afrikaans translation.