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Cone of Light

Cone of Light

This is Ridiculous

SABC News reports that the lions that mauled park owner may be put down. This is crazy, people take predators out of their natural habitat, put them in a small enclosure and then blame the animals for following their instincts and helping someone put themself in line for a Darwin award?

: Perhaps I was a bit harsh with my Darwin Award reference. Latest speculation is that the cause of him getting out of his vehicle may have been an epileptic seizure. Whether that is the case or not, friends and family are saying he would not ordinarily have gotten out of the vehicle as he was very careful. I suppose it is pointless to speculate at this stage. Investigations will reveal what happened, or not.

Update: The final word, confirmed by results of the post-mortem examination, is that he was killed by a stroke; probably staggering out of the vehicle shortly before he died. The lions only mauled his body after his death had already occurred.

Not So Wild Hogs

I watched Wild Hogs last night and was less than impressed. My son Christopher had seen it and said it was hilarious; as we have similar tastes I thought I would enjoy it. I should probably have taken a cue from the fact that Martin Lawrence was in it as I’ve yet to find one of his movies neither puerile nor simply lame. The humour in this movie is all visual and borders on slapstick. None of the main characters put in much of a performance, although William H. Macy is almost convincing as a clumsy, bungling programmer. I thought that the shining performance of this movie was John C. McGinley as a gay highway patrolman, but even this delivery was perhaps just a subtle variation of his portrayal of Dr. Cox in Scrubs.