Daily Archives: 15 April 2007

What’s up with Afrigator?

I’ve just been taking a look at Afrigator to see what new entries there are. I’ve been through about five pages and while there is some variation, there is also a huge amount of repetition, with the same entries appearing over and over again. Either Afrigator is having a problem or some bloggers have figured out a way to get their entries reported numerous times.

Creative Commons Photos

I used to post my favourite Flickr photo each day to my blog as a photo of the day but haven’t done so in some time. I decided that I would prefer to present only my own photographs here. However, I often come across beautiful photographs that I would like to showcase so I have started another blog, Creative Commons Photos, that I will use to post beautiful photographs, taken by others, that I find on Flickr and elsewhere around the web. As I am a supporter of publishing one’s works under open licences I will be restricting the images I post to ones that are published under a Creative Commons licence.