Daily Archives: 7 April 2007

Damn You, Music Moods

I was in Somerset Mall this afternoon on my way to pick up some groceries. As I walked back from Paper Weight (gotta check for new photo mags every week) I spotted some tables outside the supermarket and assumed them to be from Paper Weight as usual, until I spotted the sign saying DVDs: 2 for R129.95. I have a weakness for collecting older, classic (to me anyway) movies so I had to browse around and see what I could find.

There was the usual selection of lame recent movies that someone mistakenly thought people would buy, but I did find four movies that were on my mental “I’d buy those” list. Empire Records, The Commitments, Blade Runner and Seven. I also bought a copy of Celtic Tiger, Michael Flatley’s latest show, for Mela, who loves musicals and dance shows. Of course I had all these in my hands before noticing the small print on the signs. The special I saw applied only to movies marked at R69.95 and none of the ones I had were that cheap. So on my grocery trip I spent R430 that I had not intended to. Damn you, Musid Moods, why can’t you keep your evil temptations in your store where I know to avoid them?

Mandatory Bluetooth car kits

Craig suggested that Bluetooth car kits should be mandatory in new cars. A good idea but I doubt that would make everyone use them. After all, how many people do you still see that don’t wear seat belts, even though they are known to save lives and have been mandatory in new cars for years. Perhaps the idea should be taken a step further by blocking the signal inside the car so that the only way to make or receive calls will be via the installed car kit, whose antenna would be mounted outside the vehicle and therefore not blocked.