Daily Archives: 20 April 2007

Sleep Patterns

I woke up at 3:35am yesterday, needing to go to the bathroom; it’s rare for me to wake up early, and I felt quite awake, so I figured it must be almost time for my alarm to go off. Checking the time on my phone and finding it was only 3:37 I went back to bed. Then when my alarm went off at 5am I went through my usual cycle of too tired to wake up, hit sleep on phone, snooze ten more minutes, repeat; for an hour before managing to drag myself into a vertical position.

So this morning when I woke up at 4:15, with both hands itching like mad from mosquito bytes, I decided that I would just get up and see if it works better than snoozing the extra hour and then not being able to wake up. So I’ve had a shower and now sit blogging at 04:50am. Once I save this post, I will get dressed, brush my teeth and head off to the office. Perhaps getting there two to three hours before everyone else will allow me to focus and get some work done. I should probably not open my browser and aggregator when I get there though, as catching up on the interwebs is much more compelling than the work I must complete.