Enough Is Enough

I have now put back on 10kg of the 30kg I lost last year. So as of today it’s no more junk food and back on the low-carb eating plan I was on before.

2 responses to “Enough Is Enough

  1. I know the feeling – I got very fed-up last year and made some drastic changes. Lifestyle changes and not just a crash diet. It worked! And continues to work, though it is a case of making ongoing daily choices.

    Unfortunately today’s choice involves a slight dark chocolate indulgence – but one can’t forever be without! 🙂

  2. I did cheat a bit this morning, eating a marshmallow easter egg that a young guy was dishing out at a robot, along with some or other pamphlet. I was however able to resist temptation when a colleague provided birthday goodies.

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