What’s Your Opinion?

Since I started this blog I’ve been posting a mixture of my photos, my weird thoughts, photo of the day (for a while) and the odd funny or interesting thing I’ve found elsewhere.  Lately I’ve been thinking of splitting my photos off to a dedicated photo blog, where I would post a daily photo and perhaps some words about it.  I see from my stats that there are one or two of you out there that read this blog and I would like to get your opinions on whether I should;

  1. Keep things roughly as they are
  2. Start a dedicated photo blog
  3. Keep one blog and post more photos
  4. Keep one blog and post more text
  5. Keep one blog and post more of everything

5 responses to “What’s Your Opinion?

  1. Mine is 5 too. 🙂

  2. Stick to one blog, it really saves you a ton of hassles, and you can use your existing reader base much better by utilizing a general rather than a specialized blog.

    Specialized blogs will also have less frequent posts, which will appeal less to your readers than more frequent general posts – or that’s what’s kept me from having 3 blogs so far 😉

  3. I sould speak for myself I suppose! But being a typical Gemini one blog is boring for me! 🙂
    In any case Steve, I regard yours as one of the more outstanding blogs I visit, just a pity your lamp is still hidden so to speak.

  4. Thanks Rob. Did you notice I started another blog to showcase beautiful photographs published under a Creative Commons licence, that I find while browsing Flickr and the net in general.

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