Damn You, Music Moods

I was in Somerset Mall this afternoon on my way to pick up some groceries. As I walked back from Paper Weight (gotta check for new photo mags every week) I spotted some tables outside the supermarket and assumed them to be from Paper Weight as usual, until I spotted the sign saying DVDs: 2 for R129.95. I have a weakness for collecting older, classic (to me anyway) movies so I had to browse around and see what I could find.

There was the usual selection of lame recent movies that someone mistakenly thought people would buy, but I did find four movies that were on my mental “I’d buy those” list. Empire Records, The Commitments, Blade Runner and Seven. I also bought a copy of Celtic Tiger, Michael Flatley’s latest show, for Mela, who loves musicals and dance shows. Of course I had all these in my hands before noticing the small print on the signs. The special I saw applied only to movies marked at R69.95 and none of the ones I had were that cheap. So on my grocery trip I spent R430 that I had not intended to. Damn you, Musid Moods, why can’t you keep your evil temptations in your store where I know to avoid them?

2 responses to “Damn You, Music Moods

  1. I saw that table and avoided it like the plague! 🙂 I was very good today – I even put back a big pile of Meltz clothing and walked out of there with my wallet unopened.

    Unfortunately it did see use in Authentics, and Tiger Wheel & Tyre, and CNA… and nearly Telkom – but they’re still gonna hit me with the big one.

  2. What is Authentics? A clothing store?

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