What’s up with Afrigator?

I’ve just been taking a look at Afrigator to see what new entries there are. I’ve been through about five pages and while there is some variation, there is also a huge amount of repetition, with the same entries appearing over and over again. Either Afrigator is having a problem or some bloggers have figured out a way to get their entries reported numerous times.

3 responses to “What’s up with Afrigator?

  1. Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like this problem comes from MyVideo feed. Is this correct or do you see other repetition somewhere?

    I’m keen to fix this ASAP!!!

  2. I’ve sent you an e-mail describing in more detail what I’m seeing.

  3. Thanks Steve – you’ve really helped us to identify a major problem and hopefully it has now been resolved.

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