Lost in the Kalahari

I’ve noticed before that the folk at Kalahari.net seem to have problems with their search engine. I was just trying to find a book to link to for another post and the first hit from an author search for David Allen returned this.

How they made that match I’d love to know. I have sometimes seen where a title search doesn’t find something but an author or artist search reveals that they do in fact have the very title their search couldn’t find. Perhaps they should consider looking into this.

2 responses to “Lost in the Kalahari

  1. Maybe, they have finally figured out what Google hasn’t, how to find things you didn’t know you were looking for!
    I have found the same problem on more than one occasion. Hopefully they sort it out.

  2. GroenHoender

    Why do you shop at Kalahari.Net – a totally bloated horrible-designed advertisement-ridden local online shop?

    In fact, it actually put me totally off Kalahari itself and made me worry that it would give a bad impression, especially to overseas people who have sites like lean and efficient Amazon.Com / UK.

    I now use Take2.Co.Za for my online shopping (mainly DVDs, books and Games) and needs! 🙂

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