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Colourful Canoes

Colourful Canoes

These canoes, beached in the old Hermanus harbour, are used for whale watching trips.  It must be fantastic to get close to the whales in such small craft and there is probably great opportunity for photographing them; but I don’t fancy the idea of taking my camera out on the ocean in a canoe.

Smoke Rings

Zoltan Veres - Extra 300

It was only when I saw this photo I took of Zoltan Veres spinning his Extra 300 in full size on my computer screen that I realised the small bright spots thrown off from the main smoke cloud are little smoke rings.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Here are two crops from the full-sized image that show the rings more clearly.

Smoke Rings Smoke Rings

Zoltan Veres is an amazingly talented pilot; take a look at these videos I found while looking up info on him.

Tight Formation

Tight Formation

SAA pilots Scully Levin and Pierre Gouws put on a fantastic formation display in these Boeing 737s at the AAD air show in Cape Town this past weekend.  It was quite amazing to see these huge aircraft flying right on top of each other.

Save money; share your commute

Take a look at Car Share South Africa, a new classified ad site aimed specifically at bringing together people that want to save costs by sharing their travel. As the site says;

Whether you’re looking for a lift to work, wanting to fill those empty seats in your vehicle (and decrease the traffic jam by a few cars) or simply need to get from one place to another, Car Share is the place to be. Find a fellow commuter, a student carpool or simply a one-off lift from A to B.

All migrated

I have just finished with the migration of all the old posts from a previous blogging engine, Antville, to this blog.  If your interested, take a look at all the posts from November 2005 back.

A beautiful day

Strand Beach

This photo from Strand beach, taken at 8:15 this morning, shows what a beautiful day it is in the Cape today.  It’s warm but not too hot, with not a breath of wind.  Sadly there is a cold front on the way, due to arrive tomorrow, that will bring some more rain.

I don’t get politics

I don’t pretend to understand my own country’s politics and the US political system confuses me more. If each party has two main candidates for party nomination, why does the winner nominate someone else as their vice-presidential running mate? Wouldn’t it make sense for the losing candidate to assume that role?

Looks like the beast is dead

Since making the change I referred to earlier, my machine has been humming along quite happily, despite the screens looking like this most of the time.

Hadn’t even had a Firefox crash all day; until I was writing this post in Scribefire, and I suspect that wasn’t a memory-related crash.

Memory; think I’m losing it

I have been having a lot of problems with my computers, particularly the one at work, behaving strangely in past months. I’ve never been able to grasp why I have trouble compiling and debugging our solution when others don’t; or why Firefox 3 is so unstable. Last night I was on my machine at home and got a popup telling me that my virtual memory setting was too low and I might want to increase it. I’ve been ignoring similar popups for a week or two but decided that I might as well increase the size. So I open the memory settings and what do I see? Total paging file size for all drives: 0 MB; ZERO? WTF!!

Then it crawled up from the depths of my repressed memories; I had once seen an article suggesting that in most cases disabling the paging file will improve performance. I tried it and found that it worked. Clearly the memory requirements of the software I run has now grown to the point where this is no longer viable, so I turned on my paging file again. Just found the same thing here at work and have enabled paging. Let’s hope this delivers the more stable, if slightly slower, experience I’ve been missing.

Self portrait in bookmarks

This is a representation of who I am, based on the tags I’ve applied to my delicious bookmarks; as generated by Wordle.